What is Common Cents Finance?

Common Cents Finance is an educational media platform looking to promote financial literacy. 

Financial illiteracy is a pressing issue in modern America in various ways. The country is undergoing a student loan debt crisis, an increasing wealth gap, individuals being unable to retire, and more. Some platforms (such as Robinhood) have looked to democratize investing as a way to fight financial illiteracy, but that has proven not to be effective. That’s where Common Cents Finance comes in.

Investing might be democratized, but personal finance is not. Common Cents Finance acknowledges that the majority of individuals are not as financially literate as they ought to be. This platform looks to provide the solution by providing educational content through various means, like articles, videos, and podcasts.

Who is Common Cents Finance?

Anthony Crincoli, The Founder

Founder: Anthony Crincoli

Anthony Crincoli is the Founder and Lead Content Creator for Common Cents Finance. Away from the platform, Anthony is a CPA Candidate and an auditor for a Big Four public accounting firm. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2021 at Saint Peter’s University, where he majored in accounting and finance. Currently, he is pursuing his MBA

At his university, he has served as the Investment Analyst for the Student Management Investment Fund. He also has had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for a licensed attorney and an economist during his studies. This is all while maintaining an excellent academic standing.

At the age of eighteen, Anthony fell in love with investing, which opened the door to learning personal finance. As he learned more and more, he quickly realized how simple the material could be. The only thing was that people are not being taught properly. As a result, Common Cents Finance was created.

With his vast amount of experience, Anthony created this platform with the intention of pursuing his three passions: business, education, and helping others. Exploring the website, you will be able to find his insights and knowledge on various financial and business topics, like investing.

His end goal is to provide the gift of financial literacy to whomever he can in however way he can.