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4 Ways Directors Can Fend Off Short-Termism - Corporate Board Member
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Corporate short-termism has significant consequences for the financial markets and the greater macroeconomy. By prioritizing short-term performance, corporate management teams are sacrificing long-term sustainability and profitability. This can be very detrimental to those looking to invest in the stock market. In the first interview on the Common Cents Finance Podcast, guest Dr. Amanda Page-Hoongrajok was able to outline this in great detail, while also touching on a number of other subjects.

Who is Dr. Amanda Page-Hoongrajok?

Dr. Amanda Page-Hoongrajok is an economist and assistant professor at Saint Peter’s University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, her M.A. from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL, and her B.A. from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI (read more of her bio here).

In her dissertation, Dr. Page-Hoongrajok focuses on how state-level and local-level governments properly utilized their finances to recover from recessions. Additionally, Dr. Page-Hoongrajok has conducted tremendous amounts of research into the harmful ramifications of short-termism in financial markets (you can read her work here). She also has been featured on Bloomberg and The Nation.

Podcast Episode Contents

This episode is the first interview conducted on Common Cents Finance! On it, Anthony and Nick had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Page on several areas of expertise. She was able to touch on:

  1. how state- and local-level governments can financially recover from recessions;
  2. the various ramifications of companies having short-term outlooks;
  3. advice for soon-to-be and recent college graduates in this current job market.

To hear our conversation, listen to the episode below! The podcast is also available on all platforms!

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